Call your Senator & ask them to pass the House version of the RECLAIM Act now.

Call 202-816-6137 to hear a recorded message and to be patched through to your U.S. Senator.

What is the RECLAIM Act and how can it help coal communities?

The RECLAIM Act (H.R. 1731) is a bipartisan bill in Congress that would put laid-off miners and other local residents to work reclaiming abandoned mines in ways that develop long-term economic opportunities in agriculture, recreational tourism, sustainable energy, and other sectors.

The RECLAIM Act would bring $1 billion -- money that has already been collected from coal companies -- back to these communities to repurpose abandoned mines while immediately creating jobs and supporting long-term economic development.

For more than 100 years, communities across the country have provided the coal that powered America. Coal mining towns from Appalachia to Utah are proud of that heritage, as well as their beautiful natural environment and tight-knit communities.

But across America — and especially in Appalachia — we are experiencing a dramatic transition with the decline of coal, combined with economic distress as the coal industry sheds jobs.

These communities are working to forge new local economies that generate good, stable jobs, protect and restore the land and water, and invest in the future. And the RECLAIM Act is one important piece of a bright future for coal mining communities that folks all across the country can support. 



It's easy to make the call. 

When you call this number, you will hear a recorded message that will give you instructions for what to say to your U.S. Senator and then you will be patched through to your Senator's D.C. office. The message to leave with them is simple: 

Pass the House version of the RECLAIM Act now. 

Over the last eight years, we’ve lost more than 13,000 coal mining jobs in Kentucky alone, and through this bill, we have an incredible opportunity to make sure that our coal producing states can access funding that is readily available to restore our land and revive our economy.
— Representative Hal Rogers (R-KY)

For more details on the RECLAIM Act, including state specific information, please visit