Congressman Massie: Support Kentucky's coal communities with the RECLAIM Act

Join me in telling Congressman Massie that Kentuckians need the RECLAIM Act, an important piece of the POWER+ Plan, to support communities struggling with the decline of the coal industry.

The RECLAIM Act would bring more than $100 million back to Kentucky to reclaim abandoned mine sites while creating jobs and economic development.

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Roberta Campbell of Covington, KY

My name is Roberta Campbell and I was raised in a region I care deeply about, among family I love, in eastern Kentucky. I grew up among neighbors and family who worked in the coal industry. But, coal mining has always had its booms and busts. While I’ve lived here in northern Kentucky for 25 years, I've known many folks throughout my life and my work who've had to leave Appalachia to find opportunities for their families.

We all deserve opportunities to stay and make a good living, doing meaningful work, in the places we love. We all deserve to have healthy families and clean water.

And that’s why I’m asking Congressman Massie to co-sponsor the RECLAIM Act, to help create new opportunities in communities struggling with the decline of the coal industry. This bill would bring more than $100 million back to Kentucky to put laid-off miners and others to work reclaiming abandoned mines, cleaning up the water and the land, and creating economic development on these sites.

Right here in the 4th district, we have at least $40 million worth of reclamation work that these funds could go toward.

The good news is that the RECLAIM Act would take existing money that currently in a fund in Washington, and immediately put it to use.

The RECLAIM Act could create economic opportunities here, like locally-owned tourist attractions, cattle grazing on reclaimed surface mines, and more. 

We know our communities have many rich assets, including our land, water, heritage and people—like my family—but we need the RECLAIM Act so that folks can make a good living near the people and in the places they  love. 

Congressman Massie has expressed support for coal communities and innovative solutions to hard problems. By co-sponsoring the RECLAIM Act, he could play an important role in supporting the type of innovative economic opportunities that our communities have been working hard to create.

Sign this statement of support to encourage Congressman Massie to co-sponsor the RECLAIM Act, an important part of the POWER+ Plan.

We have a chance to create new opportunities for Kentuckians. Why wouldn’t we?


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