Congressman Guthrie: Support Kentucky's coal communities with the RECLAIM Act

Join me in telling Congressman Guthrie that Kentuckians need the RECLAIM Act, an important piece of the POWER+ Plan, to support communities struggling with the decline of the coal industry.

The RECLAIM Act would bring over $100 million back to Kentucky to reclaim abandoned mine land sites and create jobs and economic opportunities. 

SIGN ON: I support passage of the POWER+ Plan and encourage my representatives in Congress to seek passage of this Plan through the federal legislative process.

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My name is Angela Briggs and I was born and raised right here in Barren County, Kentucky. From going to school to coming back home and working with the local radio station, I’ve faced different points of transition in my life. Every change has come with its own unique surprises and struggles.

During the challenging times, I know I can always rely on my family and community to help pull me through. If I’m broken down on the side of the road, if I need money for my light bill, if my son needs a ride home from school, there’s always somebody I can call for help.

That’s how you weather storms, especially in rural Kentucky. We show up for our neighbors because we know they’ll do the same for us.

Right now, we’ve got an opportunity to show up for our neighbors in coal communities in eastern Kentucky and right here in the 2nd district. The RECLAIM Act would bring over $100 million to Kentucky to reclaim abandoned mine land. This money would put people to work and create business and community opportunities on the sites.

While this bill would be good for the whole state economy, it would make the biggest difference for communities struggling with the decline of coal.

Generations of miners have dedicated their lives to making our lives better. In this moment of transition, it’s time to ask ourselves what we can do to return the support.

The RECLAIM Act is a way to make sure that our next move is a step forward. The people of coal communities in eastern Kentucky and here are resilient and know what kind of solutions they need. This bill can fund those solutions and make a difference in the lives of people that we see at the store, that live down the road, that our kids go to school with.

This is a bill for us.

Congressman Guthrie has expressed his support of coal communities. He can show real leadership for our commonwealth by co-sponsoring this bill. In a couple weeks, I’m meeting with him to discuss this powerful opportunity for our state.

You can help me bring your voice to the table. 

Sign this statement of support to encourage him to co-sponsor the RECLAIM Act, an important part of the POWER+ Plan.


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