Take Action! Tell Congress to Defend Black Lung Benefits

We need your help. I know this time of year is swamped with deadlines, but we have a brief but important ask.

Time is running out. Coal companies pay the Black Lung Excise Tax to provide healthcare and disability benefits to miners with black lung in cases where the miners’ employer has gone bankrupt. This vital funding for our disabled miners’ most basic needs will be cut by more than half on December 31st unless Congress extends the Black Lung Excise Tax at its current rate.  

Throughout the year, members of this working group have traveled to Washington DC, hosted rallies and sat through countless meeting with members of Congress. Miners facing serious health complications from black lung have made major sacrifices to tell their story to our Congressional leadership, and still Congress has not acted. It’s time for one last push, and you can help. Please contact your Senator to demand that they extend this crucial fund before the December 31st deadline.

Call 1 512-402-8385 to hear a brief message about what to say, and then you will be connected with your Senator's office.  This easy, quick action will make a real difference.

This fund is desperately needed to support miners struggling with black lung. Rates of black lung disease have hit a 25-year high in Appalachian coal mining states. Unless Congress takes action before the end of 2018, major financial problems face the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund, which provides black lung benefits to coal miners and their surviving dependents in cases where the miners’ employer has gone bankrupt.

This week, miners living with black lung are taking action with rallies in their home communities. Let’s support them and lift up their voices with our own, demanding the Congress do right by our miners before going home for the holidays.

Please call 1-512-402-8385 today.

PS Have an extra minute to help? Post to social media to spread the word. Here is an example post:

I just called my Senator, and I’m asking you to help. Call 1-512-402-8385 to speak up for benefits for miners with Black Lung. Since 2000, the rate of #blacklung among veteran coal miners has doubled across the nation. In the midst of this fatal epidemic, black lung benefits for nearly 19,000 miners and their dependents are being threatened in Congress. Congress must take action now! Learn more at BlackLungKills.com