Join me in telling Congressman Barr that Kentuckians need the RECLAIM Act, an important piece of the POWER+ Plan, to support communities struggling with the decline of the coal industry. 

The RECLAIM Act would bring more than $100 million back to Kentucky to reclaim abandoned mine sites while creating jobs and economic development.

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Sarah Bowling of Lexington, KY

My name is Sarah Bowling and I was born and raised in Pike County, in eastern Kentucky, where my family has worked in the coal industry for generations. I’m immensely proud to call eastern Kentucky my home, and what I value most about the area is the heart of the people. There’s something special—almost spiritual—about the connection to the land for those who live there. 

I’ve been following the work that eastern Kentuckians have been doing to create a bright future for the region, working to create new economic opportunities, organizing to pass policies like the RECLAIM Act that would create good jobs while repairing the land and the water. I know that a strong eastern Kentucky means a strong Kentucky. 

I also know the region faces many challenges. After high school, I moved away to distance myself from the drug addiction and poverty that impacted my home community. Like many folks that age, I didn’t see much opportunity for myself in the area. Now, I live in Lexington, but I’ve always felt that it’s important for those of us here, especially those from east Kentucky, to help support and strengthen the place we came from.

The RECLAIM Act would help to create the kind of economic opportunities that could allow more folks like myself to continue living and thriving in the region. It is a step forward, together, toward a brighter future for Kentucky.

The RECLAIM Act would bring over $100 million to Kentucky to put people to work reclaiming abandoned mines while creating jobs and business opportunities. It could help fund a stronger, more diverse and dependable economy for the region. I could see development of recreational sites on reclaimed mines that enable people to make the most of the natural beauty of the mountains. 

While this money would be good for the entire state economy, it would make the biggest difference for communities struggling with the decline of the coal industry like where I grew up. Right now though, it's sitting idle in a fund in Washington. 

Congressman Barr has expressed his support of coal mining communities. He could get behind these communities and show leadership for our state by co-sponsoring the RECLAIM Act in Congress. 

Sign this statement of support for him to co-sponsor the RECLAIM Act.


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